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Wartune Reborn Anniversary Events

Anniversary events are ready! Jewel Hunt and Fishing in the Game Hall will be open from July 2nd to July 5th. Enjoy!

Event 1: Anniversary Exchange

What to get: Nine-tailed Fox Card (Anniversary), Millenium Fox Wings (Anniversary), Rainbow Gems 2020, Diamond Seashell 2020, Straw Hat 2020, Starfish 2020, etc.

Duration: 2020/07/02 - 2020/07/08

Event 2: Anniversary Exchange Ⅱ

What to get: Dawnlight Wings, Husky Card, Silver Dragonfish Card, Blue Lotus Wings, etc.

Duration: 2020/07/02 - 2020/07/08

Event 3: Summer Gift (Anniversary) 

What to get: Open this chest to obtain Mount Training Whip, Gem Pack, Runestone, and many other items! Also, you will get 1 random item that can be used in Anniversary Exchange events.

How to get it: You can join the events to collect it or buy Summer Gift (Anniversary) Pack in the Shop.

Event 4: Anniversary Recharge Event

Recharge to a required amount to gain great rewards during the Anniversary!

Event 5: Anniversary Consumption I~VII

What to get: Anniversary items such as Summer Gift (Anniversary).

Duration: 2020/07/02 - 2020/07/08