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In-game Events 10/01-10/14

Event 1: Northern Wind Chest Exchange

What to get: Northern Wind Chest, Northern Wind Card, Celestial Chic, etc.

Duration: 2020/10/01 - 2020/10/14

Event 2: Special Packs

Slyph Refine Pack I: 2020/10/01~2020/10/04

BR Boost Pack I~VI: 2020/10/01~2020/10/04

Fashion Core Pack & Good Luck Charm Pack: 2020/10/03~2020/10/05

Battle Pack: 2020/10/01~2020/10/07

Crystal Shard I~III: 2020/10/01~2020/10/07

Guild Battle Pack I~VI: 2020/10/08~2020/10/11

Sylph Sepulcrum Pack: 2020/10/08~2020/10/14

Mahra Pack: 2020/10/08~2020/10/14

Event 3: Columbus Day Exchange

What to get: Deep Charm Chest, Deep Charm Card, Golden Antelope Card, Ironclaw Card, Mist, Martial, etc. 

Duration: 2020/10/12 - 2020/10/18

Event 4: Columbus Day Rebate I~VII

Duration: 2020/10/12 - 2020/10/12

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